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My name is Robyn Carter

I write fiction, grants, blogs, curriculum, explainer videos, and copy & content for small business websites, including landing & about pages, product descriptions, and promotional copy.

When I'm not writing, I teach writing to kids and college students. As an educator, I develop curricular resources and blog about teaching, but as a freelancer, I mix it up.  Canine bowel obstruction, Alaska, mental illness, and lip gloss have each starred in recent projects.

Check Cozy Ripples for my TV reviews. Find my articles in Playboy, KQED Teach, and Teachers & Writers Magazine. My fiction appears in Conjunctions, Colorado Review, Prime Number Magazine, and other journals. My copy and graphics feature on websites that sell dog training, cosmetics, swimming pools, and sleep.

Got a job in mind? Let's connect!


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Member, Intersection for the Arts

Intersection for the Arts is a bedrock Bay Area arts nonprofit that provides people working in arts and culture with fiscal sponsorship and resources to grow.

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